The ideal is nothing else
than the material world reflected by the human mind,
and translated into forms of thought.

Karl Marx, 24 January 1873

























The maneuvers of the so-called “extreme left” in opposition to “liberal Europe”



Facing the question of the unification of Europe, the organizations qualified as extreme left adopt contrasting orientations. Here we present two samples: the strategy which consists in attacking “neoliberalism” pretending to reach capitalism through it; and the one which wants to take an express lane to end up with the “Socialist United States of Europe”, and “of the World”. These political positions are in no way revolutionary. And, while being strongly differentiated the ones with respect to the others, they enter into a mechanism where all these groups act jointly to paralyze the development of an authentically revolutionary workers movement. Within this frame, the function of the apparent distinctions, even contradictions, is to conceal the actual objective.

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The communist movement in Palestine 1919‑1949



In Palestine during the first half of the 1920s has been constituted a Communist Party, having links to the Communist International directed by the CP(b)SU. In an especially marked way, reality confronted its militants to the essential problem from the point of view of Marxism-Leninism: how to gain pre-eminence of the fundamental interests of the working class in the frame of the combat against world imperialism. The contradictions which cross this system are manifold, and carry out the struggle for proletarian revolution necessitates that they be taken into account correctly. That's the case in particular in so far is concerned the question of the right of the nation to dispose of themselves. This text is meant to provide some historical elements relating to the case of Palestine.

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False revolutions and real abuses of language



A specter is haunting the world, that's “Socialism of the 21st Century”, the development of which the “Bolivarian revolutionary” Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, is going in for. If it is surely necessary to dismantle the deception about the revolutionary aura that Chávez is fabricating for himself, it is equally important to examine a number of political positions which pretend to criticize Chávez on a genuinely revolutionary basis, but in fact only add another level of mystification.

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